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We buy books by the handful or houseful. Whether you have a library or estate or a single book, we would be interested in making an offer for your books. We welcome book scouts, volume sellers and individuals. We are always interested in purchasing quality books in very good or better condition. Generally speaking, the more unusual or unique a book is or collection is, the better. We are looking for books of merit especially dealing with the topics we specialize in. If in doubt, make an appointment to bring in your books and we can evaluate them for purchase. If you are traveling from out of town, we advise that you call first to determine a book buyer is available and to set up an appointment.


We will travel to evaluate estates, libraries and collections if the quality and number of books justifies it.


What we pay depends on a number of factors such as condition, edition, rarity and how likely or quickly we expect it will sell.


What you can expect when selling/trading books.
We can’t tell you what we will pay for books without seeing them first. When you bring your books in, a book buyer will sort through your books to see what we are willing to purchase. This can take time so we recommend that if you have more than a bag or two that you leave your books with us for a few hours or days. Please keep in mind that any books we reject and which are not picked up within two weeks will be donated to charity or disposed of. We love books but need the room for other people wanting to trade or sell books.


We are selective about what we take so please don’t take it personally if we don’t take your books. The reality is, many books would languish on book store shelves and never sell. We have to make tough decisions in order to remain profitable. Once we determine what we think your books will sell for, we can make an offer to purchase your books for cash, trade credit or a combination of both. We keep a record of your trade credit amount on file.



Since a vast majority of the used and out-of-print books in the world are no longer in demand or have little monetary value and are ubiquitous at every library and garage sale or online or in every bookstore, we have to reserve our cash book buying budget for the books that are harder to find and of greater merit. As a rule, we are looking for non-fiction. We rarely pay cash for fiction unless it is collectable, an author we have difficulty getting (hardcover Hemingway for example,) or printed by a specialty press such as Arkham House.


We are always looking for quality non-fiction books in fine condition. We welcome the chance to purchase quality books on topics such as philosophy, local history, exploration, bookbinding, military history, etc.



We offer trade credit for books that we think are salable. The amount of trade credit you get for your books depends on what we think they will sell for. For example, if we think we can sell your book for $10.00 you will get $5.00 in trade credit.


Trade credit can be used to purchase other used books in our shop. It can’t be used to purchase new books, greeting cards or on special orders. Any unused trade credit is kept on file for you. However, if there is no activity on your trade account for two years, we consider the account closed and any trade credit is forfeited. Unused trade credit cannot be redeemed for cash.


When redeeming your trade credit for a purchase, you can use trade credit for 75% of your purchase but 25% percent must be paid in cash. If your purchase is $4.00 or less we require a $1.00 minimum in cash but trade credit can be used for the remaining balance.



$100.00 total purchase: $25.00 (plus tax) must be paid in cash. $75.00 will come off your trade credit.

$15.00 total purchase: $3.75 (plus tax) must be paid in cash. $11.25 will come off your trade credit.


$3.00 total purchase: $1.00 (plus tax) must be paid in cash. $2.00 will come off your trade credit.


What we don’t buy or accept for trade credit
We don’t take Reader’s Digest condensed books, encyclopedia sets, romance, most Westerns or most hard cover best seller fiction. We also don’t take books that are time sensitive such as most current events, political books, travel guides or computer books. We encourage you to contact us for details or clarification since there are exceptions to every rule.






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